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Employment relations is a delicate sphere for legal regulation. An employee and employer are involved in the same labour process, nevertheless their own interests and needs not infrequently lie in different fields, which may lead to disagreements.

LSC has deep knowledge of the Russian labour market and law realities which is being combined with individual approach to every client and his problems lets us face successfully the most serious challenges and achieve the best results.

Our experience in employment area include support both of private clients and public bodies. LSC lawyers frequently appear in the media commenting on actual problems of employment law.

SLC Employment services:

  1. Advising on employment matters.
  2. Employment due diligence, drafting of employment agreements, collective labour agreements and other related documents.
  3. Employee representation in all aspects of employment relations including personal data protection, restoration of violated rights, compensation for moral damages.
  4. Protection and representation of employer’s interests.
  5. Labour dispute resolution.
  6. Legal advice on migration matters.
  7. Protection of intellectual property in the context of employment relations.

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