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Bankruptcy & restructuring

Bankruptcy is often seen as a final stage of company’s existence. It is usually anteceded by a number of serious backgrounds. At the same time bankruptcy may arise from unfair business practices. Amid the financial crisis corporate insolvency becomes more and more serious problem that increases business vulnerability and creates new ways to manipulate its financial stability.

LSC has extensive experience in handling bankruptcy and restructuring matters. LSC’s bankruptcy team unites experts in different areas of law: tax, finance, corporate, litigation, real estate. Such polyvalency lets us realize competent varied approach and offer out-of-the-box solutions for the most tricky problems concerning corporate insolvency.

SLC Bankruptcy & Restructuring services:

  1. Bankruptcy prevention strategy and contingent losses minimization strategy development.
  2. Crisis management.
  3. Restructuring and debt rescheduling plan development.
  4. Bankruptcy action plan preparation.
  5. Debtor representation at all bankruptcy procedure stages.
  6. Creditor bankruptcy representation.
  7. Counseling and interest representation for insolvency officers.
  8. Bankruptcy dispute resolution.

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