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— Funds collected from a municipal contractor (case No. А40-107120/2014). The debtor tried to delay the case by all means: at first, he asked to provide documental support of the debt, then offered an amicable agreement, then claimed that the products have not been supplied in full, finally, he offered to postpone the process in connection with alleged forgery of documents.

— Tenant for several years avoided making lease payments, moreover, without the consent reconstructed leased buildings (Case No. А40-135245/2013). The client could not resolve the dispute independently for several years. He resorted to the services of lawyers of another company, but to no avail. All judicial bodies rejected to defend of violated rights, practically on formal grounds.

— Successfully defended the interests of the major drilling company and offset the damage caused by unscrupulous contractor (case No. А40-10836/13). The client carried out a large range of work related to drilling a prospecting well in the Severo-Payakhsky site of the Taimyr region of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The contracted works had to be carried out in five stages. Our client involved contractor to perform part of the works and paid an advance to it amounting to 42,535,229.95 rub

— Claim denied due to invalid evidence (case No А41-56921/14) - At the end of 2014 was filed an action against company (our client) for damages caused by the criminal actions of its employee. The amount claimed was 174 404 079 roubles (approximately 3 488 081,58 euro at the time). The plaintiff provided the court with Mr. S’ criminal case files as evidence, even though the case had been closed. 

— All defendants’ attempts to delay the consideration of the case failed Case No. А40-  147072/2014. - On behalf of the client, we filed a claim to the Moscow Arbitration Court. The respondent intentionally delayed the dispute and claimed that the court should reverse the claim due to lack of jurisdiction, and then disputed the debt and repeatedly demanded reconciliation, finally, he offered an amicable agreement while asking the claimant to withdraw the claim.

— On August 12, newspaper “The Moscow Times” published a commentary of LSC’s Vice- president Vyacheslav Mikhailoshin concerning travelers’ complaints of foreign food confication at Russian Customs. Travelers Complain of Foreign Food Confiscation at Russian Customs

— On September 22, 2014, TV channel Rossiya – 2 aired an episode of the program “Big city money” dedicated to property tax for legal entities. LSC’s President Anna Konyaeva took part in the expert discussion. The main theme of discussion was the contestation of cadastral valuation.

Russia-24 Channel “Big city money”: patent system of taxation Anna Konyaeva commented on the prospects of introducing the patent system of taxation for small business: “To fully legalize the small business it is necessary for the patent system to be both reasonable and relatively easy to apply”.
October 29, 2014

— October, 15th – online legal news portal “Klerk.ru” published the commentary of LSC’s President Anna Konyaeva concerning the draft law that obliges website owners to publish information on their name, place of registration, as well as e-mail and telephone number. These amendments are to be introduced to the latest version of Law on Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information
October 16, 2014

— On October 8, newspaper Metro published a commentary of LSC’s President Anna Konyaeva on the increased tax burden for Russian citizens due to changes in the system of property tax calculation starting from 2015.
October 9, 2014

— An owner of Odnoklassniki account filed a claim against the social network as its administration refused to identify the person who had insulted her, and to provide her with his user data. On September 11, LSC’s President Anna Konyaeva commented on the situation to the TV channel.
September 26, 2014

Russia tightens state control over the actions of officials Web-portal “Sejchas.ru” has published Anna Konyaeva’s commentary on the initiative of the Government of Russian Federation related to developing the proposals to tighten state officials’ responsibility for violation of the rights of entrepreneurs committed in the course of inspection and supervisory activities. .
November, 6th, 2014

— Anna Konyaeva gets a letter of acknowledgement for active involvement in realization of the President’s Management Training Programme.
April, 2013

— On April 5, 2013 LSC’s lead attorney Aleksey Karavansky took part in the seminar “Commercial court practice on defending creditors’ rights”
April, 2013

— Anna Konyaeva comments on international divorce process involving a Russian and a Swiss citizen in “Razvod Info” journal.
April, 2013

Criminal responsibility for insider trading Article by Anna Evmenyeva published in “Corporate lawyer” journal.
March, 2013

— On March 12, 2013 LSC’s attorney Ekaterina Titkova participated in the seminar “Corporations and corporate relations under the amended Civil Code of Russia”
March, 2013

— On March 5, 2013 Legal Services Center’s senior attorney Sergey Berestov took part in the seminar “Participation in shared construction: legal regulation and court practice”.
March, 2013

Insider dealing regulation in the EU Article by Anna Evmenyeva published in “E.Zh.-Yurist” legal newspaper.
February, 2013

Insider dealing regulation in Russia Article by Anna Evmenyeva published in “E.Zh.-Yurist” legal newspaper.
January, 2013

Critical review of the draft law on individual bankruptcy by Sergey Berestov
January, 2013

Personal bankruptcy: draft law analysis Article by Vladimir Brazhnikov.
January, 2013

— The Firm’s President Anna Konyaeva provides “Russian tax courier” journal with expert commentaries on disputes arising due to the VAT charge.
December, 2012

— LSC ranked among the Top-50 Russian law firms by the internet law portal Pravo.ru.
December, 2012

— On November 2, 2012 the Firm’s President Anna Konyaeva took part in the International conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the President’s Management Training Programme.
November, 2012

— Anna Konyaeva participated in the workshop on Equipment modernization in the Energy sector organized by EDENEX.
October, 2012

— “Kadrovik” human resources management journal has published Anna Konyaeva’s comments on the possible introduction of electronic workbooks for employees.
September, 2012

— LSC’s lead attorney Alexey Karavansky comments on the pecularities of Russian Social security fund application procedure for individuals.
August, 2012

— Certain family law issues concerning matrimonial proceedings are covered by Anna Konyaeva in “Razvod Info” journal.
August, 2012

— LSC gets the Certificate of a Moscow reliable enterprise from Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
July, 2012

— Anna Konyaeva advises “Russian tax courier” journal on audit related issues.
May, 2012

— LSC sponsors «Brain Ring» intellectual contest held among Moscow students. February, 2012

— LSC’s President Anna Konyaeva held the seminar on Running an enterprise amid the market volatility in the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS.
February, 2012

— Anna Konyaeva took part in the “Moment istiny” (Moment of truth) TV program on the 5th channel commenting on a number of real property matters.
January, 2012

— Anna Konyaeva interviewed by “Delovaya gazeta YUG” newspaper on the counteragent evaluation issues.
December, 2011

— LSC ranked among the Top-50 Russian law firms by the internet law portal Pravo.ru.
December, 2011

— On December 8, 2011 the Firm’s President Anna Konyaeva took part in the roundtable on Operation of a board of directors in a Russian PPP company.
December, 2011